About Roth Junior High School

  • Roth Middle School is one of two junior high schools schools within the Rush-Henrietta Central School District, which houses students in grades 7-9. There are approximately 700 students and 120 staff members. Our administrative team is made up of a principal and two assistant principals. Although administrative responsibilities are divided up among the grade levels, all three administrators interact with and support all students and staff throughout the year.

    We place a great deal of importance on providing an environment that supports a sense of community among students and adults on a daily basis. Our building is structured so that each grade level has its own section of the building, which houses their respective academic core (ELA, math, science, and social studies) classes. To support a smooth transition from elementary school, the 7th grade wing is located at the back of the building. Eighth grade academic core classes are located in the middle of our building and 9th grade lockers and core classes are located on the west side of the building. In addition to a supportive physical environment, our students are teamed in each grade. Approximately 80 students are assigned to each team.

    Academically, we work hard and purposefully to meet the needs of students who require extra support, as well as students who need to be challenged at a higher level. Our daily schedule allows academic core classes to meet every day. Academic Intervention Support occurs daily or every other day, depending on the amount of support a student requires. These AIS classes are taught by the Academic Intervention Specialists.  All students in the Junior High School have the opportunity to take accelerated math courses.  All of our 8th grade students participate in Regents Earth Science classes.

    In addition to a strong academic program, we recognize that a supportive community is built upon the relationships and traditions that are nurtured throughout the school year. Beginning with our Town Meetings in September, we regularly come together as an entire school community and within grade-level groups. Field Days, Spirit Weeks, Before-Winter-Break assembly, Second Semester Town Meetings, and numerous community service projects are among the opportunities we seize to come together to celebrate and reach out to others.

    Parent partnerships are an essential part of our community. We have an active PTO, which meets the first Monday of every month. In addition to our monthly discussions, we participate in the district’s Parent Partnership Survey that allows administrators and teachers to respond to parent concerns and recommendations. This process has provided input into the structure of our daily schedule, extra-curricular activities, and improved home/school communication.

    Please consider taking a look at our photo galleries. You may find them by clicking on the link located on the left side of our Roth homepage. Do not hesitate to contact me at 359-5108 or at kmacko@rhnet.org if you have any questions or require additional information.


    Kerry Macko, Principal

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