Online Dictionaries & Other Web Resources

  • When I need to look up a sign, where do I go?                    
    These websites are all FREE! - (teacher preferred) Website dictionary and MORE. Has animated and picture signs, along with concept/context explanations. Search by first letter. Signing is very ASL with some regional variations shown. 
    Drawback: Dictionary is not as complete as some as other sites. - (teacher preferred) My new favorite along with the above asluniversity website. 

    htt - Great website to look up variations in signs from country to country.

    Gallaudet University Vocab Videos  - Deaf Gally students signing vocab organized by cool!

    ASL THAT on YouTube - A good go to for exploring various concepts organized by topic. Signer and Signs are very "Deaf". 

    Not a huge fan of the following, but they are options if you can't find the sign you are looking for on the websites listed above
    - Website dictionary that allows you to type in a word...very cool. Signing is somewhat ASL with variations shown. 
    Drawbacks: Concept/context explanations not included    
    *Has a 5-10 sign limit per day (10 for registered user) unless you pay membership fee. BUT, if you browse by letter/handshape, the # of signs you can look up is unlimited. Signers tend to show little expression. - Website dictionary with animated signs.  Dictionary is more complete than any others I  have seen. Does categorize site into main dictionary, religious signs, conversational phrases (idioms), and ASL for babies.
    Drawback: I have found some signs to be more English-based signs than ASL, and signers tend to show little expression.

    Other websites you might find interesting to check out...

    DPAN.TV - A website full of visual and media arts created by deaf artists, including a wide range of music videos. This section of the website is awesome to explore. - An online channel for news, entertainment and information exclusively in American Sign Language (ASL). Pulls video from all over the web into one easy-to-navigate site. Organizes video by category (ie. entertainment, sports, news, money, etc.) 

    CODA Brothers - A website describing the interpreting business model of two funny and very witty CODA brothers. To watch their vlogs, simply search "codabrothers" on YouTube or go to It's a great way to waste some free time...and pick up some clever ASL phrases!