Classroom Expectations

  • Our classroom will be its own learning community.  In order to keep this community functioning effectively, and allow every individual to reach his/her full potential, we need some guidelines.


    Remember Roth’s High Fives: 


    • Be Respectful I am looking for students to use their manners.  I expect students to raise their hand and wait their turn when ready to share.  I appreciate that students actively listen when the teacher or others are speaking, including making eye contact, and putting all other “distractions” away.


    • Be Responsible – You are responsible for learning as much as you can while you are in class.  Always put forth your best effort and you will be successful!  I expect students to actively participate by staying on task without disrupting others, and asking questions if more clarification is needed.

    • Be Ready to Learn – The more efficiently we can use our time, the more we will learn and produce.  I expect students to be in their seat, working on the warm up, and ready to begin class when the teacher is.  Along the same lines, please be advised that you need to remain in your seat, until dismissed by your teacher.


    • Be CaringKeep in mind that you are a part of a classroom community.  You can do your part by being helpful to others, being kind and considerate, and again remembering your manners.


    • Be TrustworthyShow that you are an honest person, by asking before borrowing, returning what you use, and following all classroom procedures and safety rules.