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    Welcome to Seventh Grade Science!!

    I hope that you are ready for a fun-filled, and exciting year of learning!  Although the work may be challenging, I promise that the topics, and the different ways that they are presented, will be so interesting that you will enjoy science class, and be able to meet, if not exceed, the expectations that I set out for you. 

     To ensure that all students find success in this class, both content and activities will be differentiated.  You will be able to show me your science understanding in a number of different ways, including labs, creative projects, unit assessments, quizzes, one-on-one conferences, role play, and more. 

    In this classroom literacy is supported, as we will practice science vocabulary, read for information, and gather evidence from text to support arguments or statements.  You will be expected to express your understanding both orally in your conversation with others, as well as through written assignments.  Math, technology, and engineering skills are also essential in supporting the NYS Science Standards, and our 7th grade curriculum, and will be used regularly to enhance your learning.



    This year we will be exploring the following topics:

    Unit 1 :  Introduction to Chemistry

    Unit 2:  The Chemistry of Life

    Unit 3: Reproduction / Inheritance

    Unit 4:  Natural Selection

    Unit 5:  Ecology

    Unit 6:  Forces


    Useful Parent Information:  You can reach me at Use the link below to stay current on your child's progress in Science 7.  With school tool you can view your child's grades and see any assignments that they are missing. 

    School Tool 

    Parent Guides to Learning: R-H developed informational booklets about grade level curriculum.  (Check here to see what is expected at each grade level and how you can help your student to be successful.)