Spanish 1

  • Hola Estudiantes!

    This week we will be working on Asking and responding to personal questions such as What is your name? How old are you? etc... Students will be working on creating their own Spanish Dialogues with a partner. They will be presenting these in class. It is important for students to review their vocabulary daily and their Spanish lines everyday this week in preparation for their presentation.

    For additional practice on this weeks lesson, go to:


    -Go to the blue SEARCH Box and type in:  bensp1

    -Click on any activities that says #0-20,  #0-100, Personal Questions, Weather

    -Do any or all of the activities it gives you to practice such as:

    • FAMILIARIZE Mode (flashcard practice)
    • LEARN Mode (typing in the vocabulary word)
    • GAME Mode (playing different games)
    • TEST Mode (taking a test for practice and receiving a score)

    !Buena Suerte!