Unit Test Retesting

  • Below are links to the Retesting Links for Each of the Unit Exams. The process for Retesting is Outlined Below.

    (1) Upon receiving their test grade, students will receive an Individualized Test Reflection that breaks down how they did on each concept presented on the test. They will also have a sheet where they analyze how prepared they were for the test. This paper needs to be signed by a parent before the retesting process begins!

    (2) The student will see me before school or class to indicate they would like to retest. I will then put together a packet of practice work based on their
    Individualized Test Reflection. THE PRACTICE MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE ANY RETESTING OCCURS. The student may at any time come in to get help or receive help in SSW in the mornings (7:45 M-F or after school 3:30 - 4:15 (bus) M-Tues.-Thurs).

    (3) Students will hand in the practice packet to me. We will then set up a time to review the practice and make test corrections on their original test.

    (4) Once all of the above steps are completed, the student may RETEST. The RETEST GRADE takes to place of the first grade. I do not take the higher of the two. (That's the point of the process!)

    Unit A1: Expressions Retest Page

    Unit A2: Equations and Inequalities Retest Page

    Unit B: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Retest Page

    Unit C: Operations and Ordering Real Numbers Retest Page

    Unit D: Ratio and Proportion Retest Page

    Unit E: Geometry Retest Page

    Unit F: Statistics and Graphs Retest Page