About Burger

  • Burger Junior High School serves 500 students in grades 7-9. There are 71 faculty members who provide our students with a comprehensive and supportive instructional program. Middle-level education at Burger is more than just a link between the elementary school and the Senior High School. It has a purpose all its own. Burger's middle school educational program successfully capitalizes on the unique characteristics and needs of our students and serves three purposes: personal/social development, academic excellence and life skills.

    Burger's unique program instills in students a sense of positive self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence and a belief that each can succeed. Middle school acts as a stabilizing force in the lives of many early adolescents and our school does an exemplary job of supporting all students and their individual needs, strengths and weaknesses. Our staff stands ready to provide whatever support is needed to help our students meet with success.