Roth Jr. High School

  • Hello and welcome to my website.  With 29 years in the classroom, I have the privilege of teaching Technology Education at Roth Jr. High School.  Here you will find a variety of resources related to the curriculum.  Please contact me with any questions, or you have difficulty finding what you are looking for. 

    Please use this link to login to School Tool and monitor your grades.

    Parent Guides to Learning-  Click here to learn more about your child's grade level.

    Technology helps provide our students with unique and contemporary ways to collaborate, challenge themselves, as well as learn.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the resources on my pages.  At RH, we are committed to developing 21st century skills!  In my classroom, I am dedicated to providing an experience that helps students find areas of interest, as well as reinforce knowledge and skills that are learned in their other classes.


    This video link provides you with some background information about the high school Technology program and all of the opportunities its electives provide.


    Have a great summer and I look forward to next school year!



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