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  • As the School Social Worker at Burger Junior High School it is my responsibility to support the students who are having any social or emotional challenges that are interfering with their learning.  These challenges may be long standing and I am providing an extension of services that have been in place for many years or they may be new challenges that are brought on by the move to middle school.  Middle school presents its own challenges to students as they are faced with increased personal responsibility and increased academic expectations.  They may be faced with the complicated social challenges that middle school and adolescence brings.  They may also be presented with family challenges that are weighing heavily on them.  These may include family changes such as separation, divorce, or new blended families.  It may also include change in employment status for their parents, or even a death in their family.


    Services that are provided include individual and group counseling as well as family consultation and referrals to outside agencies that can offer support.

    If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached  at 359-5325 or send and E-mail at  I am physically locatd in the tech wing in room A06D. 

    Sharon C. Maysick
    School Social Worker
    Burger Junior High School
    Rush-Henrietta School District