Team 7-2 Science

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    Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

    What we share in common makes us human. How we differ makes us individuals.
    Carol Ann Tomlinson



    Important Parent Information:

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    Google Classroom is used also. 



                                              Units of Study
                                  *Current Unit*

             Unit 1

    Reproduction & Inheritance  

    Unit 2

    Natural Selection

    Unit 3

    Introduction to Chemistry 

    Unit 4

    Chemistry of Life

    Unit 5

    Forces & Motion


    Unit 6

    Human Impact on Ecology 


    This year we will study:                  
     Biology – The study of living things
     Chemistry – The study of matter and  its chemical changes   Physics- The study of forces, motion and energy

    The goal of this course is for you to be able to think critically, question, and effectively communicate about the following science units:

    -Inheritance/Genetics-Natural Selection -Introduction to Chemistry
    -Chemistry of Life-Forces and Motion-Ecology

    Let’s Do Science! Please be prepared with the following EVERY class:

    -Chromebook- Headphones-Pencil
    -Science Binder-A positive attitude!  

    We are a classroom community. Please be prepared to contribute EVERY class by being:

    -Caring-Ready to Learn-Digitally Responsible

    Additional Course Information:

    -Google Classroom is used on almost a daily basis. Homework and other important assignments and announcements will be posted there.
    -All students must have a Lab Safety Contract signed by a parent/guardian.


     Grading Policy

          80% Summative Assessments: Required Course Assessments (RH District Common Assessments- Unit Exams)
           20% Formative Assessments: Course Work (Vocabulary quizzes, classwork & labwork)