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Hello, I am your art teacher.  I have taught art in Henrietta for many years and I am very excited to be teaching you.  I have a BFA from Fredonia University and a Masters from Nazareth College.  I focused mainly in drawing but I am comfortable working in many media.  Lately I have really pushed my efforts in the computer illustration field.  I teach at the Senior High School.

Presently we are working on  Photoshop, and Illustrator techniques.

As a general rule I do not assign homework, other than a photograph or a sketch , to solidify your ideas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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Digital Media












Digital Media 1 & 2, Graphics 1


Course Description


These courses will give you the basic skills needed to create artwork using a computer.  The digital revolution is over.  Welcome to the digital age.  Every major design firm and graphic house now relies on digital skills.  This is not to say that traditional art skill of drawing, painting and sculpture are outmoded and useless.  The case is the exact

opposite.  The ease of computing has come hand in hand with poor design.  You will not have that problem, for you will understand the elements and principles of art and design. Traditional skills will be sharpened through practice. Those same skills will only be magnified and enhanced by the computer.


How to contact me


Peter Remenicky

Art Teacher Rush Henrietta CSD


Requirements      You are required to come to class on time, prepared, with your materials.  No crying or whining will be tolerated.  This course is challenging and you will struggle to master the digital tools as well as the traditional media.  When learning a new program there is a steep learning curve that requires that you give your best effort. Everybody struggles, but with the large number of students wanting to takes this course you will need to place yourself in a position to succeed. Those students who give their best from day one will find it pays in the quality of their work and in their grades.


Incomplete Policy

I expect that your work be done to the best of your ability, and on time.  If we have an issue with work not completed in a timely manor we will follow the incomplete policy. Since every assignment builds on previous lesson you will need to keep current with your assignments.


Tier1.  You (the student) and I will discuss why you are late.  I will be in contact with your parent and the steps needed to rectify the situation will follow.


Tier 2. At this level the previous arrangement was not followed and the student is referred to an administrator.  All extracurricular activities will stop until your work is complete.


Tier 3 Nobody should reach this level.... Ever!     ( see student handbook)



Basic Guidelines for Success in my Class.


1) No Whining


2) Courtesy and Kindness are of paramount in importance (see Johnny Ringo Film).


3) Sit next to somebody who will help you succeed.  I have a lot of students in class and it is not unusual to have a ten minute wait for me to get to your question.  If you sit next to somebody who is helpful they could probably answer your question instantly.  You will develop a relationship where you can help the person next to you.  This is how we build a community of learners.


4) No putdowns or teasing


5) Please - no food ( hard candy is acceptable )


6) No YouTube or gaming - My time is valuable,  if I see you wasting my class time on this,  you are telling me that you do not value what I have to teach.  You will be reminded of this when you need a question answered.


7) No cell phone activity


8) I will move students as I see fit. If a student pairing is becoming a distraction then they will be moved.  This will disrupt other groups of students, as all available space is being used.  If asked to move please refer to rule number one.


9) Respect ... I treat my class as I would coaching a team.  You may address me as Mr Remenicky, Mr Rem, Art Coach, or sir.  I will endeavor to address you in a respectful manor as well.


10) Do not speak when I am speaking ( respect your teacher).  Do not speak when a classmate is speaking ( respect you classmates).  You have two eyes, two ears , one mouth... So you should listen four times as much as you speak.



The Programs


Adobe Photoshop (pixel based)

This program is the industry gold standard in image manipulation.  You will lean all of the major tools and how use them.  My goal is to make you so proficient, that when I give an assignment you will need no instruction on how to accomplish your task.  You will become an independent learner, which means there is nothing you can not accomplish.  This should occur by mid December.


Adobe Illustrator (Vector based)

This is a high end illustration program.  You will learn to draw, color, and manipulate text.  This is how you will deliver your message or ideas to the world. The elements and principles of art and design will be applied daily with this program.  You will enhance your ability, not only, to see an image , but to break it apart to it's most basic shapes and colors.


Adobe Flash ( vector and time based)

This is a great animation program.  You will learn how to apply your design knowledge in the fourth dimension of movement.  This is the present standard for web based graphics and animation.


Sketchbook Assignments

You will be required to maintain a sketchbook at all times. This will show a record of your improved skills.  It is not unusual for me to ask for 50 thumbnail sketches and several highly worked out drawing for a project.  This will necessitate you keeping your sketchbook with you throughout the day and drawing whenever you have a free moment.  Lawyers debate,  singers sing,  artists draw...and they draw a lot.  The more you draw, the better you will get at drawing (weird).  You will love to draw by December.

I will not give you an assignment that I will not do myself.  Not only do I take pride in my assignments, but I have displayed them in art shows for my peers to see.  I will not hold back and I will give you my best.  You are expected to do the same.


Supplies                     Pencil, Eraser, Black Fine Tip sharpie (non-bleed), black

felt tip pen,  sturdy sketchbook.


Johnny Ringo  - Roth Beads for Good Deeds Video - Starring Ofer Sankowski

Explanations Johnny Ringo Video