• Enjoy Your Summer!

    Hi everyone! I'm Mr. Sementa, a Technology teacher at the Senior High. I have returned to the Senior High as a full time teacher after spending 12 years at the Ninth Grade Academy. During my now 21 years at Rush Henrietta I've taught most of subjects in the "Tech" department. For the upcoming 2019-20 year, I will be teaching Computer Programming, Wood Technology I & II as well as Basic Electronics.  Yes, quite a variety but all great courses to learn a little more about the world around us!

    To learn more about these courses, you can view the course outlines which are linked at the bottom of this page. On the pages of my website, you will find information and resources for the courses I'm teaching, as well as, a calendar with due dates for class assignments or projects. It's a good idea to check this site regularly for any updates or added information.


    To increase communication between myself, students and parents, I will be using a website called This service allows text messages to be sent between myself and students without sharing any personal information, including cellphone numbers (Read: What makes safe?). When we return to school I will be showing students how to sign up so that they can receive reminders regarding projects due dates, quizzes and other useful classroom information. 

    To monitor your child's grades and progress, click on the School Tool link to the left under the Quick Links section.