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    Students and families: Check out the Tour de France 2021 this summer! This year it will begin in Normandy, France, and ends in Paris (as always).  Check it out beginning June 26th and runs through July 18th! 2022 will see the first recent creation of a women's TDF.  Participation by women in the past was strictly non-official, as the Tour de France race was (and still is) for men only!

    Welcome to the French III, IV, V  website!  We are currently "dormant" for the summer, but will return in the fall.  If there is anything I could add to my site next year in order to help students or parents, please let me know.

    Even in the summer, I love recieving your emails.  Here's how you can contact me:

    Click here for Schooltool.  Here's the link:

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