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  • Ms. Heather Bradstreet

    Rush Henrietta Senior High School
    2019 Biomed ECA scores
    The latest information from PLTW is that your official, wieghted Biomed ECA scores will be available in mid-September. For those of you who need a score to apply for college credit, please contact me by email and our program Director will be able to provide you with the raw score. PLTW partner colleges are aware that this is the only score currently available and will accept these on the applications.
    Please see the information below for how to apply once you have your scores.

    College Credit for your PLTW Biomedical Science Courses in 3 Easy Steps

    1. Go to rhnet.org/biomedicalpltw to see potential college credit opportunities.
    1. Work with your academic advisor at the college you plan to attend to choose a PLTW transfer credit option that will be accepted there. This step is imperative to ensure that the credit you obtain transfers to the college you plan to attend.
    2. Contact your Rush-Henrietta School Counselor to verify test scores, grades and to obtain signatures for your PLTW transfer credit application. You may be asked to share your End of Course Assessment scores with the college you plan to attend through the PLTW portal. This one page guide explains how to do that.

    Timeframe: Refer to the deadlines posted by the partner colleges at  www.rhnet.org/biomedicalpltw . Generally this credit is applied for by the end of your first semester in college.

    For additional questions and support call Rush-Henrietta’s Director of Science and Technology, Dan Zdanowski, at 359-5054

    Final approval of your transfer credit will be at the discretion of the college you choose to attend.