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    Our Goal for the Year

    All students will be responsible for their learning and actions in this classroom and the building. Students will be respectful to the adults in the building and their fellow classmates. Students will demonstrate care for others in the building and to the building itself. Students will come to class ready to learn and will demonstrate trust when completing their own work and to the best of their ability.  


    My Goal for the Year

    I will be responsible and come to class ready to teach and grade your work caringly and in a timely manner. I will be respectful to my students’ needs and desires to have a classroom where they can come to learn, feel safe and cared for. I will demonstrate care for my students and be there for them at whatever cost. I will come to school ready to learn from my students and co-workers. I will have trust in myself, students and co-workers that we will all be there for each other to make sure we have a successful and fun year together. 



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