Grade 7 Technology - Exploring Design & Electronics

  • Units of Study:                                               Projects


    Unit 1    Design Process                                 Measurement & CAD Design

    Unit 2   Introduction to Manufacturing        Bridge Building                     

    Unit 3   Problem Solving                                Magnetic Levitation Vehicle


    Within these units are a series of laboratory-based activities.  These activities allow the student to experience a logical study of concepts related to hands on problem solving activities, which relate to every day life.  Within our 20 week class students will learn the skills that are the foundation of our Technology program in Rush Henrietta.

    Each unit of study has three measures of evaluation

    1. Vocabulary, Research & Quiz
    2. Design Packet
    3. Project


              1.  With the new implementation of the Common Core literacy and math standards it is          essential that parents understand that there are reading, writing, and math (when appropriate) student performance expectations in my classroom, as well as content specific standards that students are required to meet.

    1. Supporting and accommodating the various learning needs of students in my classroom is a high priority. I aim to achieve this through differentiated instruction, such as: flexible groups, student 1:1 conferences, per-assessments to gauge student readiness and activate prior knowledge, and providing choice to recognize student learning styles. I also coordinate closely with guidance counselors, case managers, and our special education teachers.

    Evaluation criteria

     Structured quizzes (Castle Learning)  and rubrics are included within each unit of study.  Ultimately, it is our hope that your son / daughter will learn these major concepts.

        *Critical Thinking Skills

        *Develop Deductive/ Inductive Reasoning Abilities

        *Develop Problem Solving Skills

        *Access, Generate, Process and Transfer Information Skills

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