Course Overview

  • Technology Education Curriculum

    Grade 7

    Mr. DeSimone


    Please check back shortly for units of study and details about the units.


    Each unit of Study has four measures of evaluation:


    1.       Three part design packet                                                         20%

    2.       Project                                                                                     30%                            

    3.       Written evaluation                                                                   10%

    4.       Quiz                                                                                         20%


    * Students are also graded based on classroom participation         20%




    The homework policy for our Technology Department follows the approved plan designed for Roth Middle School.  Details can be found in the student handbook


    Evaluation criteria


    Structured Quizzes, Rubrics, and assessment tools are included with each Module of study.  Ultimately, it is our hope that your son / daughter will learn these major concepts.


        *Critical Thinking Skills

        *Develop Deductive/ Inductive Reasoning Abilities

        *Develop Problem Solving Skills

        *Access, Generate, Process and Transfer Information Skills





    Electronics & Magnetism 

    CAD Design portfolio