• March 2018
    The Rush-Henrietta Central School District and the District Safety Committee hosted an open forum March 6, 2018. On behalf of the entire district, we would like to thank everyone who attended. The event was such a success that we have decided to hold it each year. The district and members of the District Safety Committee are reviewing the feedback and suggestions provided during that meeting.

    April 2018
    Based on feedback from the District Safety Forum in March 2018, Rush-Henrietta Senior High School implemented new entry procedures in April 2018. Moving forward, school officials will open only Door 5 (west side entrance with the ramp heading toward the cafeteria) at 5:30 am. At 6:30 am, we will open Door 3 (main entrance in front of school). Please be advised so you know to drop off as close to Door 3 or Door 5 as possible, as these are the only two doors that will be open to students for arrival.  Parents may continue to drop off students on the east side (the side of the school closest to Pinnacle Road) but students will need to walk to Door 3 for entry to the building.

    May 2018
    Fire trucks responding In addition to Safety Week, Rush-Henrietta routinely holds special training events with its community partners. For example, in May 2018, the district simulated a chemical explosion on the second floor of the high school near the science wing. Fake smoke filled the hallways and the Henrietta Fire District (pictured) was summoned to the scene. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office and CHS Mobile Integrated Health Care (formerly known as Henrietta Ambulance) also were involved.

    This exercise provided emergency responders with an opportunity to practice their protocols for responding to a chemical fire and clearing the area. At the same time, district employees were able to think through what they would do - and in what order they would do it - in the event of a true emergency. After students returned to class, there was a debriefing session to talk about what went well and what could be improved upon in the future. Many thanks to our community's emergency responders for partnering with us!

    June 2018
    The Monroe County Sheriff's Office will hold an active-shooter training for Rush-Henrietta employees on Monday, June 25. The goal is to enhance preparedness and survivability when threats/situations arise that needs a response. The event features a cognitive-training session, which will last 90 minutes. Topics include preparing physically and mentally to respond to an active-shooter incident; what staff members and students should expect during the first five minutes; what to do when law enforcement arrives on scene; a review of the Run, Hide, Fight strategy; and follow-up management. That will be followed with hands-on training that will be offered at three stations for 45 minutes per station. The stations will focus on barricading in public places, defensive tactics, and emergency first aid. The Sheriff's Office did a smaller training with our administrators in May to test the training and receive feedback.