Study Strategies

  • Study Strategies


    Earth Science


    The following is a brief list of study strategies to help you prepare for quizzes, unit tests, and the Regents exam.


    1.   Even if you don’t have homework, spend 20-30+ minutes every night reviewing Earth Science.

    2.   Reread through class notes and classwork.

    3.   Rewrite the class notes.

    4.   Redraw important diagrams.

    5.   Read from the textbook or from online resources about the current topic.

    6.   As you are reading about Earth Science, take your own notes.

    7.   Make flashcards using the unit vocabulary and quiz yourself.

    8.   Practice using the Earth Science Reference Tables.

    9.   Go online and find review notes, games, and practice quizzes.

    10.  Take notes while you are completing lab assignments.

    11.   Keep a journal of important science information.

    12.   Practice your test taking strategies.

    Additional Strategies:

    • identify the knowns and unknowns in the question
    • identify the main topic
    • eliminate answers 
    • define key words
    • determine which page of the Earth Science Reference Tables you might use


        13. Practice Problem Solving Steps and Example Questions

        14.   Get your own published Regents Earth Science review book.

        15. Practice old Regents exams.


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