Why Study Spanish?

  • Why study a second language


    Language is at the core of human existence.  Through language we express the hopes and dreams we hold for our families, our state and our nation.  The ability to communicate in a second language enables us to know the hopes, dreams and visions of others around the world.  The study of languages prepares today’s youth for tomorrow’s opportunities by supporting basic skills, instruction, developing cross cultural understanding and preparing our youth to enter the global marketplace.


    Sequential language study yields many benefits:

    Listening Skills – language study has been shown to enhance listening skills and memory, contributing a significant additional dimension to the concept of communication.


    Reading Skills – in the area of language arts, students of second languages are thought to improve their reading comprehension in the native language and also score higher in reading achievement.


    Higher Scores – there is a positive correlation between SAT scores and the study of second languages. 


    Cultural Pluralism – children who have studied a second language develop a sense of cultural pluralism, openness to and appreciation to other cultures.


    Career Development – learning a second language provides a competitive in career choices in today’s and tomorrow’s world.


    Global Economy – the global economy is a fact of life.