• Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) is the first in a series of College level Pre-Engineering courses taught between the Junior and Senior High Schools.  It is a full-year, full credit course offered through Project Lead The Way (PLTW). Should a student maintain an average of 85% or better, and score a 6 or higher (out of 9) on the online final exam, they wil be awarded three college credits from the Rochester Institiue of Technology. This credit may then be transferred to any college the student attends in the future, and is proviuded at no cost to Rush-Henrietta students. No other school under the PLTW umbrella awards this credit for free. 

    IED stresses the Design Process and communicating those designs through both hand and computer-aided-drawing techniques. Students will maintain an engineering journal, annotating their work throughout the year and documenting each step as they progress through the course. Students will be working both independantly and in smal teams, and presenting their work to the larger group regularly. Peer review plays a role in evaluations.


    Students successfully completing IED are encouraged to continue on at the Senior High School with other PLTW courses such as:

    • Principles of Engineering
    • Digital Electronics
    • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    • Civil Engineering and Archtecture
    • Engineering Design and Development

    Each of the PLTW courses are worth college credit also, and a student could feasably earn an entire semester's worth of credits at the completion of this program. Students who elect start IED at the Senior High will be hard pressed to fit all the courses into their schedule.