Prepaid Meals

  • Students are not allowed to charge meals. To avoid student money from being lost or forgotten, you may prepay for your child's breakfast, lunch, and snacks by depositing money into your child's account in one of the following ways:

    • Send a check ($5 minimum) made payable to R-H Food Service.
    • Send cash to school with your child.
    • Use Visa or Mastercard, credit or debit card using our new secure automated system by logging on to or calling the toll free phone number, (866) 727-3053. 
    • E-Checks. MealPay now accepts checks electronically. When paying online at, this is now a payment option.

    Transaction Fee Information

    • Mealpay charges a fee of 4.75% on transaction amounts less than $100. For example, if you make a $40.00 transaction the fee is only $1.90. 
    • The district does not charge the fee, mealpay plus does; however, the district will pay the fee if your credit card purchase is greater than $100, you will save $4.75 or greater.
    • This is the same type of fee that banks charge if you use a foreign ATM machine or pay bills online.

    Among the many benefits available:

    • Parents have access to their child's accounts, 24/7.
    • Parents can see what their children are purchasing.
    • Parents can set up 'low balance' notifications via e-mail or phone call.
    • Parents can add money any time it is convenient for them. The transaction fee will be added if the credit card purchase is less than $100.
    • This system is "user friendly."

    To get started, you will need to set up a user name and password, and have your child's student ID number and credit card number available. You may view your child's balance, purchases, and set up e-mail notification anytime at no charge. The  fee is only for prepayment transactions less than $100.

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