Burger PBIS-PAWS Program

    Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports.

    What: PBIS is a validated, system wide behavior support plan that helps us create a common school culture for kids who come from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds. It promotes core values aimed at creating safe, responsible, respectful learning environments that can maximize the academic gains brought about by good instruction.
    It works by identifying, teaching, monitoring and reinforcing the school-wide behavior expectations. The program is data driven and helps us to focus additional behavior support and acknowledgements where it is needed.

    “Research is demonstrating that schools make greater academic gains when they simultaneously build school wide positive social culture. PBIS organizes adults and students to create a social culture in schools that will encourage positive behavior and interactions, while discouraging problem behaviors. This social-culture will lead to a safer school environment through the use of PAWS – Positive Attribute Watch System – we continue to recognize many of the wonderful things that our students do to make Burger a wonderful place. We believe that by recognizing those small gestures and acts of kindness, that we will continue to build an understanding of the importance and appreciation of these actions where students achieve academically and build positive relationships with each other and adults”

    The Burger staff has been working diligently this past year to help frame our beliefs and our practices when it comes to identifying and strengthening some specific personal qualities that we feel will contribute to our student’s success. Through our study of these concepts, we came to some wonderful conclusions:

    Our PAWS program is a wonderful exemplar in the district to help build our emphasis on the positives in the building! Last year, nearly 5000 positive messages were sent home through the PAWS/Burger Gram system.

    Through our activities and lessons, we can strengthen character development and assets development. As a result we determined that on average for the year 94% of all students are referral—free…… 94% of our students know what the positive expectations are and do the right thing!

    Survey results from our parents, students and staff, showed a very strong support for continuing and expanding this program. It clearly makes a difference. Thank you for noticing!

    P ositive A ttributes W e S upport

    The PAWS program was created to reinforce and promote positive behaviors in our students. PAWS are given by teachers and staff in recognition of any success; academic, social or behavioral.

    This program hopes to encourage and recognize the personal skills and attitudes that characterize positive personal assets.

    PAWS will show themselves in many ways:
    • Students will receive a paw sticker to acknowledge their success.
    • A Public Paw will be posted in the building for all to see and celebrate!
    • A Paw Postcard will be sent home so you can celebrate the success and might show up in print in future Paw Print newsletters, or be selected as a ‘PAW Pick of the Week!’
    • We will are also using “Pass-It-On PAWS for our students to recognize adults in their lives that are role models to these character traits.
    • Peer PAWS will be available for our students to use as well through our leadership clubs.

    If you have questions or would like more information about the PBIS and PAWS programs, please contact Chris Barker. Call 359-5309 or e-mail:cbarker@rhnet.org