Parent Groups/DPAC

  • When parents maintain positive attitudes toward schools and attend school-related programs and activities on a regular basis, children experience greater success. The first step toward involvement in our schools is to participate in parent groups - the PTA and PTO at the elementary level and parent-group meetings at the secondary level. These groups provide opportunities for information sharing, volunteering, comments, questions and answers, and presentations regarding the delivery of a variety of programs and services aimed at helping parents support their child's education.

    Click on the below links to learn more about the parent group at each school.

    Crane Elementary School    Burger Middle School
    Fyle Elementary School       
    Roth Middle School
    Leary Elementary School  
    Ninth Grade Academy
    Sherman Elementary School  
    Senior High School
    Winslow Elementary School DPAC

    When parents maintain positive attitudes toward school and regularly attend school-related programs and activities, children experience greater success! To learn about many more ways to become involved in your child's education, please click the below link to view the district's new Parent Involvement brochure.
Parent involvement can make a big difference to student success!