If the project is not approved by voters, what happens?

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If this were the case, Rush-Henrietta would not qualify for building aid because there would be no capital expenditures. In turn, the state would not be required to budget for district building aid payments ($600,000 for the next 15 years). This could mean that the state would budget less for building aid in future years, but this is not likely. Instead, it is likely that if we don't move forward with this project building aid rates for future projects from other districts will be aided a bit higher than they would otherwise. In other words, if our voters don't approve the Phase III project because of concern over the state's precarious finances when the state sets their building aid budget at their desired target, the state will be able to allow future projects from other districts a bit more aid because they won't have the obligation from Rush-Henrietta. Conversely, if our voters approve the project, it won't make the state borrow more or budget more than they otherwise would, it will mean that the state would offer a bit less aid on future projects from other districts.