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  • Welcome to Ms. Spitzer's web page!

    Hello,I am the social-worker assigned to Winslow Elementary School.  I  am happy to be in such a wonderful school providing support to students and their families as well as staff.  There are many areas that I can help.  I provide individual and group counseling services to students who may be experiencing some difficulty which is affecting their academic work.  I value these opportunities to help children resolve conflicts and address social/emotional concerns to help children become more successful inside and outside of school!!I can also be a support to families consulting about your child's functioning and providing suggestions when needed.

    If you find your child or family in need of some community resources I can also be of assistance in you finding the appropriate place to seek that assistance.  Our school recognizes the importance of making sure the student's basic needs and social emotional needs are met.

    If you would like to contact me you can reach me at the following:   or     359-5097