Winslow PBIS

  • "Put Your Best Paw Forward the Winslow Way"

    The Winslow Paw Pledge
    I pledge to be caring, respectful, responsible too
    Towards students and staff it's the right thing to do
    I'll be trustworthy even when I'm put to the test
    I'll be ready to learn and always do my best

    To create safer, more caring, learning environments, the Rush-Henrietta Central School District is implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). As part of this initiative, each Rush-Henrietta school has established clear expectations for appropriate behavior. 

    As our students return or begin school this fall, we will be sharing our expectations for student behavior in a new way. We are going to talk to students about how to “Put Your Best Paw Forward the Winslow Way" in making good choices, treating others courteously, and exhibiting good behavior. Our mascot, Comet, will encourage these positive behaviors. Our Winslow expectations continue to be framed around the traits of being respectful, responsible, ready to learn, caring, and trustworthy. These ideas are uniform throughout Rush-Henrietta schools. We hope you will agree these are important traits not only in school, but everywhere. 

    We are counting on your help in reinforcing how to Put Your Best Paw Forward the Winslow Way!  The Best Paw Forward matrix is at the bottom of this page.. Please familiarize yourself with it and review it with your children throughout the year.  We hope you will discuss with your child(ren) what your expectations for respect, responsibility, readiness to learn, caring, and trustworthiness are at home. In this way, we can connect school and home behaviors and reinforce the important work we each do on behalf of children. Throughout the year, all staff members at Winslow will be teaching our expectations and reinforcing children for the good behavior they are exhibiting. Students will be recognized verbally, and on occasion with a tangible reward such as a pencil, sticker, or postcard. We will continue to have PBIS celebration assemblies. You will learn more about what is going on with Putting Your Best Paw Forward at Winslow on our website and in E-News bulletins. As the year continues, you will also be able to view pictures of students exhibiting these behaviors in our photo gallery on our school Web page.

    Our work is connected to the district-wide focus on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). You can learn more about PBIS by visiting our Web site and viewing the parent information video titled “Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports.” The information is available at and As students move through the Rush-Henrietta schools, they will find that the expectations established at Winslow continue throughout their school careers.



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