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    BOCES Video on Demand combines content from several different technologies and sources into one location. With over 12000 videos cataloged as of now, this service allows educationally relevant content to be delivered right into the classroom at via a network connection. BOCES is currently combining various technical solutions in order to achieve this goal. As a result, you may notice that the interface for viewing VOD content might change based on title. This is due to the video being associated with a certain delivery technology. As this resource continues to develop, VOD content will be migrated into a single delivery solution, and the interface will remain consistent between all titles.

    To log on to Safari, you use your district server sign in. This will be the same way you log onto your laptop.  If you have problems logging in, contact our help desk.

    Here are a list of video tutorials to help you navigate through Safari Montage.

    Video on Demand:

    Safari Montage

    Safari Montage Tutorial

    Login Tutorial

    Searching Tutorial

    Searching by Standards Tutorial

    Creating Playlists Tutorial

    Introduction to Creation Station Tutorial

    Personal Preferences and Settings Tutorial

    By copying the permanent link of a video or chapter, you can add links to your web page taking students to a video or just a chapter.  Below is an example of what you can do.


    For extra credit: Watch the following video and summarize it in 4-5 clear sentences.  You can log into Safari Montage using your server login (for most of you it is lastnamefirstinitial13) and your student number.

    Structure of DNA