Scholastic Book Orders


    Classroom Code: K94DR

    Ordering from Scholastic Reading Club (formerly known as Book Clubs) supports both your child and your child's school. Not only are you helping to create a reading habit that will benefit your child throughout his or her life, but you're also helping your child's teacher earn free books and bonus points that can be redeemed for educational materials, supplies, and more books.

    Here's how to get started:
    Step 1:
    Choose the titles you'd like to purchase from the Reading Club flyer that your child's teacher provided. Be sure to place the order by the teacher's due date, which should be marked on the flyer. If you don't have the flyer handy, you can view it online.

    Step 2:
    Sign in to place your Reading Club order. If you haven't yet purchased online with Scholastic Reading Club, you'll need to register first. This registration process will link you to your child's teacher so that you have access to helpful information, like the order due date.

    Step 3:
    Once you submit your order and payment online, your child's teacher will combine all of the students' orders into one class order and submit this to Scholastic. You'll receive an email notification when the books are on their way to the classroom. (If you choose to not place your order online, you can use the paper order form on the back of the Reading Club flyer and give this and a check to your child's teacher.)