Welcome to Mrs. Ojeda's 5th Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!!

  •  Dear Parents, 


    1. Please join Remind by clicking on the link below. This is how I will be connecting and communicating with you this year. 

          REMIND      REMIND SIGN -UP PDF Directions                     

    2. Here are the supply SHERMAN SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST lists for Sherman Elementary 2021-2022.

    3. Please see the Monthly Newsletter section for my Summer Letter. There is a scavenger hunt for the students. If they bring in the correct answers, they will earn a prize! The second slide is our September Newsletter (this is subject to change).  

    4. Feel free to reach out via Remind with any questions you may have or even just to say "hello"!  

    5. Start to plan and practice routines such as bedtime and preparing for the next day ahead of time. Make a plan on where and when your child will complete their homework and store their bookbag. At this age, supervision, structure, and incentives can go a long way in creating a learning environment that will help your child be successful. It may be a good idea to have your child practice wearing their face masks for longer periods of time to help with the transition to school. 

     Thank you in advance for your patience as we explore what school looks like this year. I look forward to having a wonderful school year together! 

    Mrs. Ojeda