Sherman Elementary School

  •  Welcome to Sherman Elementary School
    Principal: Rhonda Morien;; (585) 359-5498
    Assistant Principal: Rob Hathaway;; (585) 359-5510
     Nurse: Catherine Dickinson;; (585) 359-5504
    Main Office Phone: (585) 359-5490
    Attendance Line: (585) 359-5501
    School Fax: (585) 359-5493

     Dear Sherman Families: 


    Please help prevent learning loss this summer and assist your child in maintaining their skills. Here are some activities to keep your child practicing skills all summer long, while having fun: 



    • Write a postcard or letter while on vacation
    • Write a persuasive essay for something you want to do or buy this summer (trip to Seabreeze, reason why you should be able to mow the lawn, etc.)
    • Publish a non-fiction book after researching a new topic
    • Invent your own comic strip. See how long you can keep it going.
    • Keep a personal diary or journal
    • Write grocery lists
    • Make a scavenger hunt
    • Here are some links that support writing:


    • Math facts – practice by using or make flashcards.
    • Money - collect change in a jar beginning on the first day of break. Estimate how much you think you’ll have by the end of summer. Count it daily. How much more until you meet your goal? How much will you have by the end of the week? On the last day of summer, count it, and buy yourself a prize or donate to a good cause.
    • Fractions – pay attention to fractions as you bake or cook this summer. Try folding paper towels or napkins into large and small fractions, from one-half to 1/16. Use markers to label and decorate the different fractions.
    • Decimals/Graphing – use a stopwatch to time yourself running, roller blading, swimming, or biking. Then try to beat your time. Be sure to keep the distance you’re moving the same for each trial. Graph the results.
    • Here are some other math links:


    • Walk your dog or a neighbor’s dog
    • Swim across the pool or learn a new stroke
    • Design an obstacle course and time yourself
    • Plan a family Summer outing


    • Do a random act of kindness each day
    • Make a chore chart and stick with it!
    • Make a new friend
    • Clean your bedroom without being asked.

    Make sure to access the “library link” page for a listing of educational websites to utilize this summer:


    As we look forward to next school year, be on the lookout for class placements and bus information that is typically sent out in mid-August timeframe.

    On behalf of the Sherman staff, thank you for sharing your students with us and supporting our work. We appreciate the strong parent partnerships we have developed with all of you.





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