Mrs. LaPlaca's Counseling Website

  • Rozetta LaPlaca, MSEd

    Hello Sherman Students and Parents! Welcome to my Counseling Website :)
    Who Am I?
    First I'd like to introduce myself- I am Rozetta LaPlaca, School Counselor for 4th-6th grades students at Sherman Elementary School. This is my fifth year at RH, I originally worked at the Ninth Grade Academy and am excited for the new opportunity to support 4th-6th graders in their education!
    What Do School Counselors Do?
    Whether students are just having a bad day or need to work on a plan to improve their academic performance, School Counselors work closely with students to support their Social/Emotional and Academic needs. We will also work on learning important life skills to support positive character development, increase resiliency, and how to cope with difficult emotions.
    School Counselors have an important role in helping students examine their strengths, abilities, and interests. Counselors work in professional partnerships with teachers, administrators, mental health providers and parents to create an educational system where students realize their true potential.
    School Counselors also work to reduce barriers to learning by providing necessary support for students to achieve at the highest level. I am an advocate for your student and want to encourage them to have the best school experience possible.
    How Can My Student Get In Touch With The School Counselor?
    There is no referral process, all students are welcome to meet with me! I will work to meet as many students as possible by being visible in the hallways, cafeteria and going into classrooms to let students know who I am and how I can help. If a student requests to see me, they can fill out this form so that I can reach out to them as soon as possible:
    As you have concerns for your student, please do not hesitate to contact me at 359-5511 or I am happy to help!