Upcoming Learning

  • Welcome to 5th grade!  Here is an overview of what we will be learning in September and October.

    In math, we will be building our number sense.  We will focus on improving our fluency with the use of sprints and online practice.  We will review algorithms for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.  We will examine word problems and justify the reasonableness of our answers.  You can expect to see nightly practice, which will reinforce previously learned skills and strategies.

    In reading, we are currently reading a fun novel titled Regarding the Fountain.  We are beginning to work at citing evidence from the text to support our inferences and claims.  We have also discussed that the 5th grade standard and expectation is to consistently use quotes and "the author's words" when supporting thinking and ideas.  I will be modeling this often throughout the first few months of school. 

    In writing, we are beginning with "Quickwrites".  In these lessons, we first examine a short, complex text.  We practice close reading and marking the text.  We share and discuss the tone, purpose, vocabulary and again use evidence to support our claims.  After discussing, students are given a short period of time to write a similar piece modeled or inspired by the text they have read.  Some of these pieces are developed further, while other pieces are left in their initial form. 

    In science, we will be working through a unit focused on ecology and the environment.  We will study the human impact on the environment and will build enclosed ecosystems to observe. 

Last Modified on November 2, 2017