Amy Canfield - Special Education Teacher - Consultant teacher Eng 10R & SC Eng 10R

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    I am the long-term substitute for Kerry Macko, who is on maternity leave.  I will be here at the high school until the end of October.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

    If you are looking for CT English materials, you can visit Lynette Reeb's website or contact one of us via e-mail.

    For SC English, you can access the following here:

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              Especially as a special education teacher, I worry that students may not be able to recognize their own potential.  I believe in all of my students’ abilities to learn and succeed.  My goal is to inspire students to desire learning—to see the value in learning for its own sake, not just to “get a job” or “pass the Regent’s exam” or “graduate” or “succeed.”  Of course all those things are important, but I believe that learning new things simply makes life more interesting; it exercises my brain and expands my world.  I want my students to want to think and share their opinions.  I want them to find wonder in life and excitement in trying to make connections between school and their own lives.  I want them to trust that what I have to share will be meaningful and useful. (See my Teaching Philosophy linked at left for more details)