September 8 class agenda

  • Essential Question:  What is conflict?



    What is conflict?



    Important thing to look for in literature



    Writing; reading



    Bell ringer: 

    Put meaning of conflict on the board—“struggle” “battle”  “you want something, but something is in your way, causing conflict”


    In your journal, write about a conflict you had when you were thirteen.


     Write for 10 minutes.





    Turn in—signed course guidelines; summer reading journal


    Folders—take folder and put your name on it.


    Course rights and responsibilities--read and discuss


    Talk about summer reading projects—tell me about what you read (who read? Who didn’t? who read but didn’t write?)


    Journal entry on conflict—anyone want to share?  


    "Thirteen"—read story in circle.  Talk about it.  Conflict.


    Start working on summer reading project; those who are done, type them.


    End—Give two types of conflict and two examples of each.

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