October 2 class agenda


    Essential Questions: 

    • Are we governed/guided by fate, free will, a greater power, or do we fall somewhere on the spectrum between?
    • What language devices does Shakespeare use to affect the audience?


    What?  Examine Act I, i-iii for exposition and setting up the central problem of Macbeth.  Also, looking at Shakespeare’s methods of conveying mood and character.


    Why?  To understand what will be happening in the play.


    How?  Listening, group discussion.


    Bell Ringer—Vocabulary Crossword  


    Mini Lesson—pass out 2 sided copies of script (and regular script).  Pass out handouts and questions. Ask about horoscopes and whether they believe in them.  Go over scene I questions together.  Summarize scene ii.  Listen to scene iii. 


    Partners:  Get in partners and answer questions.


    Homework:  Write play-by-play (create instruction sheet) of fight/battle based on Captain's "doubtful it stood" speech.

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