September 12 class agenda

  • Essential Question:  How are plays put together?


    What?  Understanding dramatic plot construction.


    Why?  We'll be reading a play and will use this understanding as one means to analyze it.


    How?  Film, discussion.


    Bell ringer--Fill out the worksheet beginning: "Think of a goal you have had in your life..."


     Watch the short film "Knick Knack" then discuss "Reading a Play: The Basic Tools" using the film to help understand the terminology.


    For homework, using your summer reading book or "Thirteen", fill in the Essay Preparation worksheet beginning with the question "What is the basic plot of my story/book?"


    We will be practicing writing an essay next week, so please read the story "Fish Cheeks" so we can use the same text.


    Also, read the handout that begins "Yesterday in the faculty meeting..." and write a 10 minute response according to the instructions.


    Assessment:  Have student read "Max the Minnow" to the class and have class fill in the worksheet starting with the question "Who is the protagonist?"