Study Tips

  • Helpful Study Strategies

    1. Don’t cram studying into a short period of time --> The more you look and review something, the more likely you are to remember it!

    2. Make flashcards of vocabulary and quiz yourself until you know them all.

    3. Re-write notes and go through them in your head until you can recite the information back without looking

    4. In review books or text, focus on BOLD information and summarize what they are saying in the margins.

    5. Practice underlining important information in questions and crossing out answers that don’t make sense. (*when doing this you really need to spend some time to THINK about the answers… don’t rush)

    6. Have a parent, guardian, or classmate quiz you on the information.


    a.     Have a Quiet study area (NO TV OR MUSIC)

    b.    Have an area free of distractions- NO PHONE CALLS!

    c.     Study throughout the week, or take some time on the weekend to summarize what you have learned in class that week.

    d.    Have complete notes/done all of the classwork (if there are gaps in your learning it will be harder to study!)

    e.     Ask the teacher for help if you do not understand something.