September 4 class agenda

  • Today's goals:


    What:  Get to know each other and what this class will be.


    Why:  The more we know about each other, the better we will be able to work together effectively.


    How:  Writing, talking, doing.





    Bell ringer:  Fill in personal introduction forms

    Homework:  Complete and turn in the Summer Reading Journal

    Go over Course Guidelines and ask students to take home for parents to sign.  Return on Monday.

    Do name game:  Say name, three things about yourself; repeat all names

    Make cards for Mrs. Macko

    Chat questions:  Choose random question from box.  Ask students to write at least 50 words; what, where, when, why, how, so what

    Closure:  What do you want to learn in English this year? (Index card with name)