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  • Welcome to my  RH website!!

    I am a school social worker for the district's Alternative Education Program.  I serve students in the Alternative High School and the District's Transition Program which are located in the Vollmer Building.

    The main focus of my job is to provide mandated counseling to Special Education (SPED) students who have mandated counseling as a related service on their Individual Education Plans (IEP).  I also counsel non-mandated SPED students as well as General Education students.

    For many of us, problems within our social-emotional lives create difficulties in other areas of our lives, and for students academics is often the area that suffers.

    My goal is to support students in learning healthy coping strategies in order to maintain a stable social-emotional perspective so they can focus on their academics and ultimately "be the best students they can be!"

    My office phone number is (585) 359-5540, please feel free to contact me as needed!