September 16 class agenda

  • Essential Question--What are the 6+1 traits of writing?


    What?  Review the 6+1 traits of writing, focusing on word choice, ideas, and voice.


    Why?  These traits form the core of the writing curriculum at Rush Henrietta.


    How?  Using our senses to help us develop our imaginations and find packed words to use in our writing.



    Bell Ringer:  Using "Fish Cheeks," fill in the worksheet that is just like the one we used for "Max the Minnow."  [Note:  Only three students read the story, so we moved on to the next part of the lesson].


    Mini-Lesson:  Review the traits and their definitions:  idea, organization, voice, sentence fluency, word choice, and conventions. Go over the critical lens essay format--how essay should be organized; what should be included in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.


    Sensory Stations:  There are 5 stations around the room, one for each of our 5 senses.  For touch, there is a teddy bear; for smell, there are spices; for sound, there is a song playing; for taste, there are candies and cookies; for eyes, there are picture books.  Students are to go to each station for 5 minutes and "experience" the objects.  Use all your senses to become familiar with the objects.  Fill in the worksheet to record your experiences.


    Discuss the classes' experiences.


    Homework:  Write 5 words that describe each object clearly and imaginatively.