Helping Your Child With Unknown Words

  • "HELP! I don't know how to read this WORD!"

    Strategies to help your child read unknown words at home:

    *   Use the picture clues

    *   "Get your Mouth Ready" based on the first letter sound, give the sound

    *   Look for smaller words within the larger word (example: basketball has the words basket or ball)

    *   See if you can find a word family or pattern in the unknown word (example: mall, wall, ball, call, tall, stall, etc. are all part of the -all family)

    *   Cover the ending...does the word look familiar

    *   Skip the word and read on (remember to go back and make a prediction)

    *   Make a prediction (guess), ask yourself "Did it make sense?"

    *   Use the context of the story to make a prediction

    *   Try to sound out the word using knowledge of letter sounds

Last Modified on August 7, 2018