Ideas for working on Sight Words

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    Ideas for practicing reading sight words:

         -    Hide and Seek: write sight words on index cards or small pieces of paper and hide them around the house, have your child find the cards and read the words, continue and switch roles with your child

         -    Jumper: write sight words on index cards, pieces of paper, or the sidewalk, have your child jump from word to word reading them as they go

         -    Highlight: choose one sight word to focus on, have your child skim an old newspaper or magazine page and highlight and read the chosen sight word each time it appears

    Ideas for learning how spell sight words:

         -   write the words with markers, crayons, pens, highlighters, chalk, on a white board, or with magnetic letters, etc

         -   draw the spelling of the sight words in a cookie sheet filled with sand, sugar, or flour, etc 

         -    trace over the sight words repeatedly with different colors = rainbow words

         -    trace over sight words with stickers, dry pasta or other small objects

         -    build sight words out of play dough, pipe cleaners, string, cooked spaghetti, etc

         -   stamp sight words with letter stamps

    Keep sight words part of your routine:

         -   create a sight word list and place it in a picture holder on the table, kitchen counter, in the car, or on the refrigerator so the words are present and easy to look at each day


Last Modified on August 7, 2018