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Physical Education Newsletter-October

Coach Krupa, Coach Westbrook

 *Make sure your child wears sneakers to P.E.

**Your child has P.E. every other day

Soccer skills/Kicking skills:

At the beginning of October, we will be finishing up a two week kicking/soccer skills unit.  The skills that we will cover are dribbling, passing/trapping and shooting.  We will concentrate on controlling the ball as well as cooperating with a partner or team.     

Throwing Unit:

All students will then be involved in a two week throwing unit.  The steps for throwing are:

*  Turn sideways to the target

*  Step to the target with the opposite foot.

*  Bring the ball down and around.

*  Make the letter L with your throwing arm.

*  Twist/turn your body as you throw.

*  Follow through by bringing your throwing hand to your opposite pocket.

We will be throwing to a target on the wall as well as playing games that involve throwing for distance and at a target.  We will be using footballs with 3rd grade students as well as introducing throwing footballs to 2nd grade students.

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