3rd Grade

  • Hello everyone!  I am so excited to start the new school year!  I hope you have enjoyed your summer break.  I am sure you will have some interesting stories to share with the class on our first day of school.

     Let me tell you a little about myself.  This will be my 27th year of teaching here at Fyle.  My first year of teaching I taught 4th grade, then I taught 5th grade for 11 years, and up until last year, the remaining years I spent teaching 3rd grade! Last year I was a reading teacher for the first semester, and then I taught 3rd grade in the Remote Academy for the second semester. Hoping upon hope that we do not need to go remote again this year! I learned a lot while teaching online, but being in the classroom with my students is what I truly love. Some other interesting things about me are that I absolutely LOVE anything Disney and Harry Potter and I LOVE reading chapter books using different voices for the characters, and truly enjoy having fun and learning together.

     I have three children.  Emma, who just turned 23, is looking into getting her Master’s degree while working. My son Logan, who is 19, is starting his second year at SUNY Oneonta. And finally, Ryan, who is 17, is starting 12th grade at Hilton High School.  My husband Mike and I also have three dogs, Mojo, Zoe (mini dachshunds), and Luna (a yellow lab, terrier mix).

     I’ve had a busy summer.  My family spent a week at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We enjoyed a week of fun on the beach and doing other water activities.  We also spent a lot of time at home, cleaning out and enjoying the pool. 

     This year in third grade we will work on becoming the best readers and writers we can be!  We will learn about cultures and environments around the world, including the United States, China, Kenya, and ending with a research project on a country that YOU get to choose!  In science we study forces and motion, weather and climate, interdependent relationships and ecosystems, and life cycles and heredity with butterflies.  Finally, in math we focus a lot on multiplication and division, fractions, and so much more!

     When you come to school for your first day, be ready to share something about your summer; a vacation you went on, a book you read, a movie you watched or just something fun you did! 

     If you have any questions for me before school starts, feel free to e-mail me at: Lcooke@rhnet.org.

     I can’t wait to see everyone in just a few short weeks!  Enjoy the rest of your break!        


    Mrs. Cooke 


    What are we learning during the first quarter?

    In ELA we are learning about the different genres of literature, with a focus on realistic fiction and narratives. We will be reading as a whole group, in small groups, listening to read-alouds, as well as doing some writing in these genres.  We will be learning the routines and expectations that go with working independently and in reading groups. We will read and discuss poetry as well as many non-fiction pieces throughout the year.

    In math we will begin the year with a unit on multiplication and division.  This unit is a lengthy one!  Your child will need to memorize the basic multiplication facts up to 10 x 10, so PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! No worries though, I will provide notes, examples and guidance on my web page when needed.

    In social studies, our primary focus is on mapping skills and an introduction to world communities. Your child will need to be able to locate and identify the seven continents and five oceans (they’ve added the Southern Ocean!). We will then move on to a study of the United States. All of the Social Studies units are fully integrated with technology! All of your child’s work on the computer will be available for you to see in their Google Drive. Be sure to ask your child to see their work!

    Science begins with a unit on forces and motion. We will explore simple machines and how they make our work easier.



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Last Modified on August 29, 2021