Homework Expectations

  • Welcome to the Homework Page!

    • Reading: It is expected that your child reads for at least 20 minutes at night. Titles should be recorded on their Agenda. I strongly encourage parent participation with the nightly reading. This may also be an assigned reading to go along with our longer ELA books from class. There may also be a response to text too.
    • Math Fact Sprints/Math Website Practice: Students should practice math facts daily, 10 minutes at night.
    • Unfinished Work: Students will be responsible for finishing any unfinished work from the day and returning it completed the following morning.

    Please help your child create a healthy HW routine by providing them a quiet space, checking their work, and holding them accountable by signing their Homework Log each night. 

    DON"T FORGET TO SIGN THEIR AGENDA NIGHTLY.  These assignments should take about 30 minutes unless they have unfinished work to complete.