Instructional Coaching

  • What is the Purpose of an Instructional Coach?

    The District is committed to supporting teachers as they meet the needs of all students and increase student achievement.  Providing instructional coaches at all levels will build teachers’ capacity to provide differentiated, targeted instruction.  I support teachers and facilitate trusting relationships as part of a team to ultimately impact student achievement.


    What Does an Instructional Coach Do?

    My work as an instructional coaches may include:

    -          Providing relevant resources

    -          Providing time for peer collaboration

    -          Educating teachers through professional development

    -          Examining student work and assessment data

    -          Sharing best practices across the building and district

    -          Demonstrating lessons for teachers

    -          Being present in classrooms

    -          Co-planning and co-teaching lessons

    -          Encouraging teacher reflection

    -          Observing, debriefing, and providing constructive feedback to teachers