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    We are Vollmer!!

    Hello my name is Mrs. Backus. I have had the pleasure of working in our district, as a Reading Teacher, since the fall of 2009. Before joining our R-H family my prior teaching experiences included fifteen years of working with students from ages five through twelve, in California in both public and private school settings. It is always a very enriching experience for me to get to know your child and facilitate their growth in the area of literacy.

    Introduction to Reading Support- 

    All of our students participate in a variety of assessments to determine their literacy needs. The results of your child's assessments will drive our planning and in turn their instruction to best accelerate their literacy growth. 

    If your child is receiving reading support a letter will go home in November to inform you of your child's individualized plan of support and the instruction he or she is receiving based on their literacy needs.        

    Home Reading for Success! 

    Your son or daughter is always welcome to bring home magazines, books, and audio-books, at his or her independent reading level, from our classroom or school library. Reading at one's independent level is crucial to reading growth. Thanks in advance for supporting your child's reading time at home. 

    If you have any further questions in regard to book selection, or your child's literacy development, please do not hesitate to email me. :)

    Literacy Websites:

    Please check out my website under My Resources with your son or daughter. You will find this section to the left of this page. The websites provide an opportunity to practice reading, writing, vocabulary development and spelling in a fun and meaningful way! To assist you in book selection for your child please check out the links under My Resources and go to Scholastic Book Finder. Students can also find interesting articles and passages for their independent reading time.

    Sincerely,  Mrs. Backus

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                    Phone: 585-359-5550 (Main Office)

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