J. Lorraine Swarts

  • Welcome 5th Graders

    Parents, check out our "live" calendar below for upcoming events :)


    Questions about Homework?  Nightly homework always includes the following:
    • Math worksheet or Fact practice - each child knows that facts they need to practice
    • Click the image to get parent support for our new math program 
    • Sight word practice every night for specific students
    • Reading 10-29 minutes.  As we move into October, students will be bring home reading packets with question they will need to answer.
    There will always be math homework as this practice changes every night. Additionally, if a concept is a struggle, please write a note on the homework and we will touch base with your child the next school day to reteach the concepts.  We do not want homework to become a source of stress at home - it is simply an opportunity to practice learned skills independently and to build student work behaviors in preparation for future demands.

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