Reading and Writing


    Students have many opportunities to read and respond to text throughout the week.  We have Read Aloud time where I model appropriate oral reading of various literature.  We discuss the story, predict, and share thoughts and feelings about the text. 


    Students are each part of a reading group that has children being instructed at a similar level.  We learn how to close read text, answer text based questions and how to model our comprehension of text.  


    Students have opportunities to read throughout our curriculum as well as independent reading times.



    There is also a variety of writing happening in the classroom.  Children are instructed on good writing techniques (6 + 1 Traits of Writing), they participate in writing workshop where each child is at a different place in the writing process (Prewriting, 1st Copy Writing, Self Revising and Self Editing, Teacher Check and Publishing).  Students are asked to write on specific topics, with prompts, and there is opportunity for "free writing" where the student selects his/her own topic.  


    Students learn different types of writing: narrative story telling, personal recounts, persuasive, opinion and non-fiction writing (reports, factual stories).